Why Should You Choose SCS

In a world where newspaper companies are driven relentlessly into the future by the exponential growth in data production and storage requirements, and the uncertainties of a shrinking print media market, it’s easy to believe that you’re on your own.

That’s a problem, however, that our customers don’t have. Steve Lisanti, Pagination Manager at the Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ), says that “You have some wonderful people working for you and I can’t say enough good things about them. You should be very proud.” Allen Schmidt, a systems administrator at The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA), is glad he’s found the “best group of support folks I think I have ever dealt with” that are “prompt, courteous, and they ALWAYS have an answer”.

When we say that we’ve always got an answer, we mean it. SCS understands that problems don’t restrict themselves to business hours. That’s why, when Vic Nigro at LNP Media (Lancaster, PA) realized his systems weren’t receiving wire photos or stories on the eve of the paper’s publishing date, he contacted SCS. Here’s what Vic had to say about the help he received from Marty MacDonald at SCS: “We were not able to receive wire photos or stories for six hours… Early in the night, Marty tested his Quickwire and it was receiving stories without a problem. So, using our scripts and login information, he then could route stories (more specifically, sports agate) that contained the styles we use. The last baseball game finished around 11:45pm. Marty stayed in contact with us until the paper was finished.”

A truly great company is defined by an exceptional product as well as exceptional customer service, and at SCS, we have both. Here’s what Michael Greathouse, IT Manager/Graphics Manager at The Exponent Telegram (Clarksburg, WV), had to say about the installation process for Layout-8000, our premiere ad dummying software: “Every step of this upgrade was smooth thanks to the SCS Team. Frank actually knew the info he needed instead of working from a script and helped me with the initial info gathering. From the beginning, Ann provided easy to follow guidance and was instrumental in getting us up and going with the news system.” Layout-8000 isn’t just a breeze to install, either; it’s “simple to use and easy to understand,” according to Mark Rodgers, Production Director at the Lebanon Democrat (Lebanon, TN). Don’t let that simplicity fool you, though. Mark also says that “Layout-8000 has cut hours off of laying out the paper per week. It has also helped tremendously in eliminating errors associated with ad placement”.

Perhaps the secret to the excellent customer service that SCS provides is our ability to stay small and efficient in an industry where newspapers are increasingly being consolidated into huge media companies. This allows us to remain uniquely personal, even when serving giants like tronc (formerly known as Tribune Publishing). Manny Caipo, Manager of Advertising Application Support at the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA), agrees: “SCS has the best customer support—bar none. I’ve worked with many vendors in the past and your company is at the top of my list. Your attention to customer care is something you don’t see much these days and that is one of the reasons I value our partnership.”

At SCS, we pride ourselves in the job we do, and that job isn’t finished until the customer is happy, period. No matter whether your newspaper has 100 subscribers or 100,000, we want to see you succeed, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.