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Ad, Editorial & Website Award Annoucement

The Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association is excited to announce the 2020 Ad, Editorial & Website Awards! This year has been very different, and with that provides some changes to the Ad, Editorial & Website Awards. This year we added a new category to Original Writing. Division 5 COVID-19 Articles are meantRead More →

Your Membership Benefits from A to Z

While you can always find out what your membership benefits are under the Publisher Member Benefits, we wanted to take this month to reiterate what the benefits are! Below you can learn about all of the Publisher member benefits from A to Z!   A – Audits — Bi-Annual Circulation/ReadershipRead More →

Who Are Our Associate Members?

Our Associate Members are some great companies that are here to help your publication thrive. They all offer many services and products that will help you do just that.  Let’s take a moment and learn a little bit about our Associate Members. Ask-CRM offers a sales software that is designedRead More →

Let’s Talk About Our Internship Programs

Twice each year, MACPA offers a $1,500 internship to member papers. An internship can be beneficial to not only the intern, but your paper and the Free Paper Industry as well! Many college students in a field of study relating to our industry only consider ad agencies, television, radio, or paid newspapers because they are unaware of the opportunities the free paper industry can provide them. Let's help them learn what is so great about the free paper industry!Read More →

More From MACPA

Speaking of Digital

Trying to determine what’s working at community papers by: Kevin Slimp I will remember fall ’19 as a season of research. I was involved in two major newspaper studies: one related to Millennials for North Dakota Newspaper Foundation and one to determine how community newspapers benefit (or suffer) from theirRead More →

Social Media Advertising Survey

The link for the surveyRead More →

Audit Promotion Checklist

It is soon time to start preparing your 2017 audits. Take a moment to learn about the benefits you receive from CVC for FREE for completing your audit!Read More →

Reason For The Change

by: Ruth Isenberg, MACPA Vice President The 2016 MACPA Conference is worth planning for in advance. You won’t want to miss this family-friendly weekend at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, April 22 and 23. This beautiful resort in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania will provide a mini-vacation, along with the chanceRead More →

Associate Member Corner

PaperChain Link & Learn

The Fine Art of Putting on a “Dog & Pony” Show

October’s Link & Learn, is one of my favorite lessons because of the relevance and ease ( Hard work -But not complicated to understand ) of implementation.  The Fine Art of Putting on a “Dog & Pony”  Show – is a fabulous lesson where Jim tells us  the “whys” andRead More →

Diving into the O.C.E.A.N. of Customer Motivations

This month’s Link & Learn lesson, “Diving into the O.C.E.A.N. of Customer Motivations” is the second lesson based upon Dr. Vanessa Van Edwards book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People . In this lesson, Jim dissects the O.C.E.A.N. Model which is the acronym for the five primary factors Dr. Van Edwards states influences Human Behavior, they are: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.Read More →

Partnership for Success

If you are just starting out – find  someone at your company (or outside – if there is no one)  who is successful and ask them to share their keys to success.  If they are willing, cultivate that relationship and let it guide you through your career.  You will growRead More →

Framing Your Sales Message

Check out the latest edition of PaperChain’s Link & Learn – Framing Your Sales Message!Read More →

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2018 Editorial Winners

Embracing Differences

By Dedra Cordle, Columbus Messenger Featured Story – 1st Place Like many children his age, Jaiden Gray is just looking to make a connection. He tries to strike up conversations about popular subjects, is always willing to share his beloved Legos, and generally loves sharing in the company of hisRead More →

Lessons in the law

by Andrea Cordle, Columbus Messenger News Story – 1st Place Six years ago, Grove City resident and Vietnam Veteran John Hensley lost his vision. Macular degeneration brought on by diabetes was the cause. Now, all he can see is shadows. “It was rough when I first went blind,” said Hensley.Read More →

Christine Bryant – Columbus Messenger

Personal Column – First Place Trying to explain the unexplainable This past week, I had a conversation with my daughter that many parents across this country had following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. It was a conversation I in no way wanted to have. It was awkward, frustrating and difficultRead More →

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2019 Editorial Winners

SWAN – Changing Lives One Class At A Time

Featured Story – 1st Place – By Ann Mead Ash, Engle Publishing Company About a decade ago, Diana Vuolo, founder/executive director of SWAN (Scaling Walls A Note at a Time), was an empty nester. A professional violinist and music teacher, she listened as her husband, Chuck, a pastor, described theRead More →

A Fresh Start

News Story – 1st Place – By Kyle Valentini, Bargain Hunter StarkFresh opened its Food Production and Job Skills Training Farm for guests on Saturday, April 20 to showcase a working urban farm that serves multiple purposes in the community. Located on Rowland Avenue in a forgotten space near downtownRead More →

An enduring bond

Opinion – 1st Place – by Andrea Cordle, The Messenger On a recent Saturday morning I sat in my car, driving my dog, Frankie to see the vet. It would be his last trip to the vet. It would be his last car ride. As I drove to say myRead More →

Randi Pokladnik – Bargain Hunter

Personal Column – 1st Place Pipelines are webs of denial Last year I attended a workshop that demonstrated a free phone app called “Frac Tracker.” The instructor explained this app was started by a nonprofit organization of the same name. Its purpose was to share maps, data and analysis relatedRead More →

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