MACPA Code Of Ethics

Code of Ethics for All Members of MACPA and MACnet

We Agree to:

  • Observe the highest standard of honesty in all business and personal transactions.
  • Advertise and publish only such circulation and distribution figures as can be satisfactorily substantiated.
  • Advertise and publish current advertising rates, and furnish rate cards to any legitimate business firm upon request. Quote no rate which cannot be earned by any or all advertisers, and not engage in the practice known as “double billing”. Subscribe fully to the copyright principle, and respect the copyrights of other to the same extent which we expect others to respect our own copyrights.
  • Not knowingly permit the use of any false titles, confusing technical data, descriptions, misleading or inaccurate terms or claims in any advertising copy appearing in our paper(s).
  • Maintain a spirit of friendly cooperation and assistance towards our fellow craftsmen, and extend a helping hand whenever possible.
  • Continually endeavor to raise and enhance the quality level of our profession. Maintain a dignity of manner in our craft and the services connected with it, and in the appearance of our places of business, and all other forms of public contact.
  • Recognize and subscribe to the authority of the Officers and Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association in all matters of interpretation of the Code of Ethics.