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Pipelines are webs of denial

Last year I attended a workshop that demonstrated a free phone app called “Frac Tracker.” The instructor explained this app was started by a nonprofit organization of the same name. Its purpose was to share maps, data and analysis related to the oil and gas industry in an effort to educate the public.

We are in a man-made crisis and it is not up for debate

A few days ago Greta Thunberg departed England to attend and speak at the United Nations climate talks. She is traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States using a zero-emissions mode of transportation. Unwilling to board a plane and incur the responsibility of adding carbon dioxide emissions to our atmosphere, Greta chose to accept a “ride” on the Malizia II racing yacht.

We need to act as the lungs of the planet are burning

A significant portion of the Amazon rain forest is currently on fire. A National Geographic article stated, “The Amazon rain forest is the greatest expression of life on Earth. It is home to about a third of our planet’s terrestrial life forms, cycles about one-quarter of the Earth’s freshwater, and plays a key role in absorbing carbon and moderating climate.”

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