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Personal Column – 2nd Place

Senior Vets Can Receive Healthcare And Financial Help

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), there are over 9.5 million veterans over the age of 65 in the country. The VA helps senior veterans address financial and health obstacles through funds, programs, and healthcare. Their website, https://www. va.gov/, is a great starting point for those looking for this kind of information.

How to Know When It’s Time to Stop Driving

Driving is one of the most liberating activities for young and old alike. Taking that away dramatically reduces a person’s independence. It can be difficult for seniors to decide when it’s time to hang up the car keys, so here are some helpful tips for determining when it’s time for them to stop driving on their own.

Engaging with Seniors Through Virtual Reality (VR)

Using virtual reality (VR) to engage with seniors is not new, but it’s becoming more accessible. MIT’s AgeLab is one of the leading research programs for improving quality and outcomes throughout one’s lifespan, and they’re helping to bring VR to the forefront of elderly innovations.

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