Denise Miller – Delaware County Magazine

Personal Column – 2nd Place

Ease, Don’t Sneeze, Into Spring!

Spring is finally here and there’s much to celebrate! One, the days are brighter and warmer. Two, birds are chirping, rabbits are hopping, and colorful flowers are blooming. And three, Mass will be attended, eggs will be dyed, and baskets will be filled with tasty goodies for Easter. But despite all of these wonderful aspects of spring, it can be a tough season for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Rise and Shine…It’s Breakfast Time!

A stack of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, a side of crispy bacon and eggs, and a refreshing glass of orange juice. These, and other delicious foods, are reason enough to eat breakfast. However, you should also be eating breakfast for all of the health benefits it has to offer. You have probably heard parents, doctors, and educational television programs say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Now it’s time to find out why breakfast is so important and what foods you should be eating for a happy and healthy start to your day!

Loving Your Body and Mind

Although it may not seem like it, children and teenagers have a lot on their plate, like who they should hang out with, what sports or activities to join, getting good grades, and so on. On top of all of this, they also have their self and body image to deal with.

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