New Year – New Opportunities for Growth

December’s Link and Learn,  – “ New Year – New Opportunities for Growth “  is probably one of THE MOST valuable lessons we have had to date.  December’s Link and Learn encourages you to take a 360 degree – inside –outside–all around  look at your Business. Jim even suggests pretending you are starting a new business, with a new vision. The  analyze EVERYTHING,   from your business and business climate’s perspective, your client’s perspective and your reader’s perspective with that new vision in mind. Know where you are, What’s working— what’s not. Know where you are going and if the different facets of your business will fit into that future vision of your company.


Jim invites you  to analyze and visualize  your “new”  business with Peter  Drucker’s quote  in mind ,” The purpose of a business is to  create and keep customers”   and Jim  adds to that…. While making money!  Jim gives your  360 degree analysis  a “kick-start” as he itemizes the  key areas  of your business and  individual points within those key areas. The rest of it is up to you!  As Jim Rohn says”  It’s easy to do…. It’s easy not to do.  The pain of regret….weighs TONS.


This Lesson is  invaluable to the future success of your business… Jim puts it…………

 “The 360- degree  review of your business is a lot of work but it will pay big dividends in the coming year and far into the future.”   

Read December’s Link & Learn today!