Dealing with National Agencies – Rate Negotiations

This month’s Link & Learn  ”Dealing with National Agencies – Rate Negotiations”, is a Lesson for all of us.  The Lesson deals with the challenge of being  blessed with an agency call for a placement of inserts but  then getting rake over the coals on PRICE!

In this Link & Learn, you will learn how to walk that tight rope — Wanting the business …..  but not giving it away.  Jim reminds us that  it must be a Win-Win Deal or don’t take it – your future depends on that.

The decline in circulation and/or the departure of a paid newspaper in several markets coupled with the fact that  PaperChain’s sponsors your listing in SRDS ( the Bible of Media Buyers)….. has brought more agency business to YOUR  community paper.

Read this lesson take it to heart …. In preparation of that  Agency’s call for inserts In your paper… – Get prepared….  Be a Boy Scout!

  • Know your audit inside and out to lay the foundation of the value of your paper
  • Remind the Agency that they are calling YOU because there is a need on the marketplace
  • Know your margins… for the rate you give –is the rate you will have to live with!
  • If giving a discount — ask for  something in return.. Use Frequency or bundling
  • Sharpen your negotiation skills  and WIN!

Read Dealing with National Agencies – Rate Negotiations today!