Handling Objections- Part 2, Winning Hearts, Minds & Dollars

February’s  PaperChain Lesson continues with the second part in the fine art of handling objections.

“Handling Objections- Part 2, Winning Hearts, Minds & Dollars” is designed to get you in the door and start a dialog with your prospect that ends in a sale or at least an opportunity for one.

Part 2 , Handling Objections, explains the importance of responding to your client’s objections vs. a more adversarial  or countering  approach to their objections. You need to differentiate yourself from the pack by Listening toy our clients – not only through words, but tone of voice and body language.  Asking  the right questions, you come  to understand your clients’ perspective as well as how they  feel.

Your clients will listen and buy if YOU take the time to listen and understand them  and  be prepared with the resources that help demonstrate the Value of your publication to them. When you show them you understand their business  and their concerns then demonstrate how your publication will fill their Needs… they will not only buy, but become and advocate for you and your publication.

Until Next Month – Happy Selling!

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