Personal Column – First Place Trying to explain the unexplainable This past week, I had a conversation with my daughter that many parents across this country had following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. It was a conversation I in no way wanted to have. It was awkward, frustrating and difficultRead More →

Personal Column – Second Place “Crazy Rich Asians” brings back the beloved rom com I have never considered myself to be the biggest fan of the romantic comedy genre, yet I admit to missing their presence from the movie screen. For years, it has seemed as if the only optionsRead More →

Personal Column – 3rd Place Picturing the concept of time warps my mind “Time just gets away from us.” – said by a character Mattie Ross from Charles Portis’ book, “True Grit.” Not only does time get away from us, it speeds up, slows down, stops, warps, and some ofRead More →

Personal Column – Honorable Mention Every possibility for fun and great food The way we “unplug”—finding ways to escape the pressures of our daily lives—is a personal thing. For some of us, it’s a trip to a museum or an overnight camping trip. Some like to run marathons, or crossRead More →