In the early morning hours of April 2, friends Terry Cunningham and Mark Ballock walked their touring bikes to the shoreline of Santa Monica and dipped their wheels into the Pacific Ocean. Full of excitement and nerves, the duo asked Cunningham’s wife Carol if everything was a ‘go’ for whatRead More →

We cannot arrest our way out of this “In my 34 years in law enforcement I have never seen anything like this heroin and opiate addiction,” said Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick at the Community Substance Abuse Awareness Forum Sunday, October 23, at Oak Harbor High School. Speaking on theRead More →

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about human trafficking. Last Friday I received a voicemail from a ‘gentleman’ who told me that he appreciated the article. Great right? I thought so; I mean who doesn’t like to have someone compliment their work? Then he kept talking… He proceeded toRead More →