ASK-CRM: A Newspaper Media Sales Toolbox

by Robin Smith

ASK-CRM is a robust suite of technology tools uniquely focused on selling and was developed by newspaper media veterans. It integrates with your business system and provides:

  • Home screen detail of churned accounts for revenue opportunities
  • Ability to easily isolate active, inactive and prospective advertisers
  • Email marketing for easy communication with advertisers for special sections, new products, etc. along with “who opened” detail
  • Contact, Account and Task notes – all on one screen
  • Easy multi-product proposal and presentation building featuring an automatic scheduling calendar
  • Mobile interface for in-the-field account analysis and call logging
  • Automated goal tracking
  • Sales day planning
  • Integration to the way YOU do business
  • An ever-evolving partnership

There are lots of reasons why the newspapers look to implement CRM systems, but the one common thread is to provide sales teams the support information to engage active, inactive and prospective accounts with equal vigor.

Understandably, sales people spend the majority of their day focusing on active accounts.  This makes sense, but the real low-hanging fruit of new revenue is with inactive and prospective advertisers. Additionally, focusing on inactive accounts and prospects helps take the sting out of advertiser churn when it does happen.  Account executives just need the proper technology and tools to manage their accounts and time more effectively.

This is where ASK-CRM creates a real point of differentiation.   When an account executive logs into ASK-CRM, they quickly see who is active, who hasn’t run for a period of time and the spending history for those accounts.  This advertiser churn can often represent as much as 50% of total ad revenue in any given month.  While new accounts certainly help mitigate some of that lost revenue, churned dollars are coming from advertisers who are now inactive.  They had a relationship with you but for multiple reasons, have disappeared – along with their revenue.

Successful ASK-CRM clients see their sales teams manage both active and churned accounts to ensure their total account list is “touched” on a regular basis.  Additional emphasis is placed on automating the goals tracking process, keeping everyone pointed towards selling and generating new revenue – instead of manually creating and emailing spreadsheets to everyone.

Another reason that ASK-CRM is unique in the CRM space is because of their capability to develop multi-product solutions that solve advertiser needs.  Proposals are built using the right products from your entire portfolio and rate structures.  These are then moved to professional presentations and automatically integrated into the pipeline process.  This happens seamlessly without adding to the account executive’s already heavy workload.

ASK-CRM is noted for their constant evolution to meld to the way YOU do business.  As your needs morph and change, ASK-CRM is your constant partner using great technology to drive revenue.

This is best stated by Stuart Richner – of Richner Communications when he said
“The folks at ASK-CRM are not like most vendors…with them you feel like you have a partner.  They are readily accessible and responsive.
Have a new idea or suggestion for ASK-CRM?  They listen, implement quickly… and do not nickel and dime you along the way.”

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