Diving into the O.C.E.A.N. of Customer Motivations

This month’s Link & Learn lesson, “Diving into the O.C.E.A.N. of Customer Motivations” is the second lesson based upon Dr. Vanessa Van Edwards book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People . In this lesson, Jim dissects the O.C.E.A.N. Model which is the acronym for the five primary factors Dr. Van Edwards states influences Human Behavior, they are: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

September’s Link & Learn not only impresses the importance of understanding -first where we find ourselves of the scale of each of the key factors, and then understanding where the “other” person we are communicating with lies on that scale- but also explains how to address the dominant side of each the key factors. Using this scale for yourself and all your relationships will be the Key to your success.

Within the lesson you will find links to Dr. Van Edwards website where you can see where you fall on the scale of the five factors and find additional insight into yourself and others in your journey to understanding human behavior. Better yet- take Jim’s advice and purchase a copy — it will serve you well!

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