Your Membership Benefits from A to Z

While you can always find out what your membership benefits are under the Publisher Member Benefits, we wanted to take this month to reiterate what the benefits are! Below you can learn about all of the Publisher member benefits from A to Z!


A – Audits — Bi-Annual Circulation/Readership Audits ($800+ Value)
Associate Members
– Associate Members offer your business quality products and services. No wonder why our publications are on the cutting edge with technology, customer service, and sales.


B –  BIG, FABULOUS, Annual Conference – Our Annual Conference provides our publishers with a way to train their sales teams for a fraction of the cost and a venue focused on management.


C – Classified Network – The Classified Network provides you with content for your classified section to attract local businesses and individuals to advertise, and additional revenue stream.
Compensation – Compensation checks are sent to you March, June, September and December when you place the classifieds in your publication for MACnet.


D – Display ads – Yes, MACnet will represent your publication to advertising agencies throughout the United States and will sell advertising for your publication at your local open rate. We only ask that you provide the space at 70% of your local open rate.


E – Earn revenue through our networks. Our publisher commission of 40% on our classified network provides you with an additional revenue stream. All other networks provide a 15% commission.


F –  *Free Registration & Room at every Annual Conference. * MACPA/MACnet Publishers only!


G – Great Networking opportunities — Need to talk to another publisher about an idea or issue? Call the office to find out who would be the best publisher to talk to and we’ll make the connection for you.
Great Opportunity for Training — We bring the best industry trainers to you when you attend our conferences, regional training, and webinars.


H – House 2 House 2×2 Network – Earn additional revenue through our 2×2 network. We offer advertisers with both a pre-determined network and one where they can pick and choose the publications they would like to advertise in.


I – Interlace Communications – The staff of Interlace Communications provides you with professional, personal service when you call the MACPA/MACnet office. Alyse, Vicki, and Kasey are here to serve you.
Identify New Customers
– MACPA works with you to find new customers, through our network and through training.


J – Journalism — We recognize our outstanding journalists through our Ad and Editorial Awards Contest. Trainers are brought to the conference to stir up new ideas when it comes to editorial.
Join us for all of our training and networking at the Annual Conference.


K –  Kevin Slimp – A true advocate for Free Community Papers, Kevin Slimp provides us with a voice to share the accomplishments of the newspaper industry. Those who experience his training leave with a better understanding in graphics, management and sales.


L – Lunch @ the Annual Conference – We make sure your well fed so you can absorb all of the knowledge you’ll learn at our conferences.


M – MACnet – MACnet represents your publication to advertisers and media buyers through its print and online networks. See for more details.


N – Newsletter – You’ll receive our MACPA Moment right to your inbox. It will include quick tips, articles, and training opportunities.


O – Opportunity for Knowledge – Not only at our conferences, but also through training sessions throughout the year, you will have plenty of opportunity for knowledge with MACPA!
Online Presence


P – Professional Speakers – MACPA looks for quality, professional speakers to bring to their conference.
Promoting your business — We promote our members on both our MACPA and MACnet websites providing the opportunity for agencies and other interested companies to access your publication’s information.


Q –


R – Regional Training – Canʼt get to the conference? We can come to you. We can hire a speaker to suit your needs to travel across the region, training your staff.


S – Shared Services


T – Training! Training! Training! Graphic – Sales – Editorial – Management – Digital


U – United with a group that knows what you are going through. Networking is the key!


V – Valuable opportunity to learn more about MACPA and MACnet through becoming a member of the Board or joining one of our many committees.


W –  Webinars – Training on accounting, graphic, sales, and management are available through the Association. Let us know what you are interested in learning about; we’re sure there will be other members interested, too.


X – Xtra special – T h a t ʼs how you will feel when you get involved in everything MACPA has to offer.


Y – Your MACPA Board of Directors – This team of volunteers are the driving force for the success of MACPA.


Z – ZZZZ – A great nightʼs rest at our Annual Conference in some of the best beds this side of Kansas.


As always we encourage you to take advantage of as many benefits as you can! We are here to help you grow!

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