SRDS—Your Connection to National Advertisers

For this months’ Link & Learn Lesson, we focused on the BIGGEST  and most UNDERTILIZED benefit that PaperChain offers it’s member Publishers – a Preferred Listing in SRDS. It appears  that many members know nothing of this benefit or if they do know, they do not understand how to fully leverage this benefit to gain more advertising revenue for their publication.  This lesson  will clarify the importance of this benefit by answering the following questions and  much more.

  • What is SRDS
  • Why should I care?
  • What can it do for my publication?
  • Who Uses SRDS to make media buying decision?
  • How does my publisher’s profile in SRDS influence a buying decision?
  • What do I (a publisher) have to do to ensure my SRDS profile reflects what I offer?
  • What specific action do I, as a publisher, need to take to properly represent my paper with SRDS?
  • Are there Success stories proving the value of SRDS?


Read through this month’s Lesson. Really Take it to heart. Check out your listing in SRDS. Call David Crawford  or Ron Speechly from SRDS and get help with your listing.  Your PREFERRED listing in SRDS is a PaperChain BENEFIT.  We, at PaperChain, believe it is a Valuable member benefit.  Those publications utilizing it and who are ready for the national calls as a result of the SRDS listing – are Loving it!  Most of us are still on the dock…. Waiting as this opportunity sails away.  GET “Onboard” Take ACTION  TODAY – Start with making sure your SRDS listing is Up to date. Utilize SRDS as your marketing arm… Help others GIVE you revenue by being part of their Media Buy.

Download and read this month’s Link & Learn today!