SiteSwan Website Builder Helps Drive New Revenue for Mid-Atlantic Publishers (and Beyond)

This Free Community Paper Month, we are excited to reintroduce our Members to , MACPA’s Associate Member of the Month. SiteSwan is the first ever website builder that is specifically designed for print publishers and includes everything they need to start building and selling websites to their advertisers and other local businesses. “Website sales are a phenomenal source of new revenue for publishers and have helped some papers add an extra six figures to their bottom line revenue” says Justin Genera, SiteSwan Co-founder and President.

The SiteSwan founders are no strangers to the Free Paper industry and have been longstanding supporters of MACPA. Their membership traces back nearly 15 years under the JB Multimedia brand, actively attending numerous conference and trade shows along the way. During his time on the MACPA Board of Directors, SiteSwan President, Justin Gerena spearheaded successful efforts in technology and digital revenue streams on behalf of all members and our industry.

SiteSwan set out to solve what was just an emerging problem back in 2004: Helping publishers grow their business beyond print (specifically increasing digital revenue). The SiteSwan platform gained instant success and continues to thrive today because it works extremely well for publishers. Designers can easily create professional looking websites for advertisers using SiteSwan’s growing library of website themes and templates. The point and click editor requires no coding or programming skills, making it both easy-to-use and easy to integrate into your product offerings. “Staff can literally be trained within a week and sales reps love selling SiteSwan websites because they practically sell themselves and offer new commission opportunities” proclaims Justin.

Just how much can you earn offering SiteSwan websites to your advertisers? Publishers typically charge $300 – $2,000 upfront and an additional $29 – $149/ month for every website they sell. And the best part of the recurring monthly revenue is that it’s effortless and dependable — compare that with all those print ad sales pitches that end in “come back next week.” The cost: SiteSwan charges a small monthly fee as low as $3.00 per month per website. Talk about healthy profit margins!

Successful SiteSwan Publishers are discovering that website sales are also helping their print sales. As Justin notes, “in the digital and mobile landscape, websites are the hub of small business marketing. When you build their website, you have incredible access and influence to the customer’s decision making process around their advertising and marketing. You basically control how and where they spend their ad dollars. When sales reps do a top-level website review with the customer, they almost always come back with a print campaign sale (or renewal).” The consultative relationship they establish through the website sale produces trust that frequently results in print sales and numerous cross-sell opportunities.

SiteSwan is so much more than just easy-to-use software to build awesome, responsive Small Business websites. It’s really a turnkey revenue opportunity packed with features, integrations, and proprietary tools like the Local Prospecting Tool – a SiteSwan exclusive feature that enables publishers to generate local leads in their area. “Publishers really love our powerful Local Prospecting Tool,” shares Justin. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard publishers uncover new clients that weren’t being called on and never advertised in print. Some even say that tool alone is worth the monthly fee,” he joked.

If you’re interested in adding profitable web design to your suite of services, visit You can contact SiteSwan’s Co-Founder, Justin Gerena by emailing Tweet at them at and follow the SiteSwan Website Builder Company Page on LinkedIn: In addition to SiteSwan, Justin is also the guy behind Page Flip Pro Digital Editions ( and Ideal Directories business directory websites (