SiteSwan – June Featured Associate Member

Click, Click, Ca-Ching!

siteswan-logo-80280053c153465d0eb4b276cf912587That’s the sound of thousands of websites being designed, launched, and sold to small businesses right now by forward-thinking publishers all across the country using SiteSwan.

Every small business needs a website. But only 48% of them have one. And of those who do have a website, many are in desperate need of a new one. So we’re talking 70-80% of all small businesses as potential clients. That’s where the “Ca-Ching” comes in.

As a publisher, you already have all the key assets you need to successfully sell websites using SiteSwan. You have salespeople to sell them, graphics people to build them (although anyone can, really), a billing system so you can get paid, and a great way to advertise your new services (your publication).

Why Me? Why Now?

With SiteSwan, the system is so efficient that you can sell websites for thousands less than design firms. And you can launch them overnight, if you wish.

Your salespeople create “spec ad” homepage designs in less than 60 seconds. They show it off to the client, and close the deal with a deposit. Take changes back to the office, and the site will be ready to launch in a couple hours at most. Fast, easy, and profitable.

Publishers are a perfect fit for the SiteSwan website creation and sales process. You already have the local knowledge, marketing expertise, personal relationships, and solid reputation. Just add on responsive websites to your current offerings and you’ll be bringing in a whole new kind of recurring monthly revenue.

What’s in it for me?

“Wait, is there money in it?” Absolutely! Create a stable form of monthly recurring income that you can count on month after month, year after year. It’s not uncommon for publishers to generate an extra $5,000, $10,000 or more every month in residual income using SiteSwan. Why? Because no one thinks about their website if it’s doing its job. As long as your customer likes you, likes their site, and is getting results, they’re happy. Happy customers are quiet customers. And quiet customers are profitable for you.

One great thing about website sales is the relationships you build. We recommend arranging quarterly sit-downs with your website clients to talk about how their business is evolving and making sure their site is evolving with it. During these sit-downs, your client will ask you: “How do I get more people to my website?” A question to which you, or your salesperson, will have some fantastic answers regarding print advertising!

Every site you sell should come with advertising. Try bundling banner ads, print ads, classified ads, Facebook posts, etc. Sell them a package and watch the success rate and your revenues soar.

Are print sales fading? Jump on board with a sustainable, scalable business model that’s been proven over and over again in every size market. Supplement your print income with a long-lasting form of recurring revenue. It’s a perfect complement to print, and fits in beautifully with your current services.

Who’s Going to Help me?

SiteSwan isn’t just awesome software. It’s a complete business in a box – with marketing material, brochures, videos, your own marketing website, personal concierge service, and much more. Everything you need to get started selling websites to small businesses immediately.

SiteSwan was launched in 2011 by JB Multimedia, Inc., a long-standing Associate Member of MACPA. Those interested in SiteSwan can contact Justin Gerena at 1-888-958-6838 x710 or