The Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association is excited to announce the 2020 Ad, Editorial & Website Awards! This year has been very different, and with that provides some changes to the Ad, Editorial & Website Awards. This year we added a new category to Original Writing. Division 5 COVID-19 Articles are meantRead More →

While you can always find out what your membership benefits are under the Publisher Member Benefits, we wanted to take this month to reiterate what the benefits are! Below you can learn about all of the Publisher member benefits from A to Z!   A – Audits — Bi-Annual Circulation/ReadershipRead More →

Our Associate Members are some great companies that are here to help your publication thrive. They all offer many services and products that will help you do just that.  Let’s take a moment and learn a little bit about our Associate Members. Ask-CRM offers a sales software that is designedRead More →

Twice each year, MACPA offers a $1,500 internship to member papers. An internship can be beneficial to not only the intern, but your paper and the Free Paper Industry as well! Many college students in a field of study relating to our industry only consider ad agencies, television, radio, or paid newspapers because they are unaware of the opportunities the free paper industry can provide them. Let’s help them learn what is so great about the free paper industry!Read More →