Bar-Z’s New Mobile Platform Focuses on Flexibility to Maximize Revenue

We live in a changing mobile world. With over 80% of U.S. mobile users now owning smartphones, and spending an average of five hours daily using them*, smartphone technology has certainly changed the way that we live and work. Mobile apps are now many people’s go-to resource for local information, news, entertainment, communication, shopping and more. With their growing usage in the market, they’ve also become an increasingly important component for publishers as they look for new strategies to increase audience engagement and digital revenue. The speed and flexibility of mobile solutions continues to evolve right alongside the smartphones themselves.

Developing mobile solutions since 2008, Bar-Z Mobile Development has been at the forefront of these industry changes. The company offers a comprehensive mobile solution which includes native iOS and Android mobile apps, responsive websites and an online content management system. Bar-Z’s platform has had several iterations through the years. The company shifted from its initial templatized approach which minimized time to market, to an image-based home screen that focused on a more customizable look and feel. The newest iteration of the Bar-Z platform, known by this Texas company as the “Alamo Release”, offers the ultimate combination of quick time to market, complete customization and flexibility designed to enhance revenue potential.

Bar-Z’s Alamo Release offers a unique modular format, enabling publishers to showcase a variety of content types, listings, images and slideshows on a dynamic screen layout. Whereas the previous software featured a static, graphic-based interface that was limited to the size of the device screen, the Alamo Release offers a scrolling design that highlights content without limits. Similar to the familiar scrolling of a website, the new app format offers extensive area “below the fold” to present breaking news, featured events, or top categories of content to users without the need to navigate further into the app.

The interface, content and layout can now be dynamically updated for on-the-fly changes offering publishers important benefits. Changes to the previous graphic-based interface required an app rebuild and resubmission to the app stores, limiting the ability to make major updates. The Alamo Release was designed from the ground up to support such flexibility. Bar-Z is ensuring that clients gain new benefits with the Alamo Release while not losing features that made their apps standout, and thus, the platform still supports custom graphic screens for clients that would like to stick to their old design.

Bar-Z’s Alamo Release has created a substantial impact on revenue opportunities. Dedicated “app-within-an-app” sections and sponsorship content can be added at any point to coincide with sales cycles, not an app development cycle. The platform’s modular “blocks” allow publishers to present content in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of each unique market or rate card. The Alamo Release has also introduced push notifications by topic, and additional banner, interstitial and native advertising options to maximize revenue potential.

If you are interested in exploring the new revenue potential of a best-in-class mobile solution, call Bar-Z. They can develop a mobile product that you will be proud to introduce to your market. Contact them at 512-732-0135 or

*Sources: comScore, February 2017, Flurry Analytics, March 2017