BMX star reaches out to Ottawa County middle school students By: D’Arcy Egan, The Beacon News Story – 2nd Place Tony Hoffman was once a failure, morphing from a fantastic pro athlete to a convicted felon, all because of an addiction to drugs. These days, Hoffman is a hero, connectingRead More →

By Kyle Valentini, AloNovus Corp News Story – 3rd Place Trained in textile design at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Dover native and 1990 Dover High School graduate Jon Stucky has made a successful living as an artist with his thoughtful paintings and mixed media pieces that often depict aRead More →

by Rick Palsgrove, Columbus Messenger News Story – Honorable Mention Two fights erupted at Groveport Madison High School on Oct. 29 resulting in the school being placed on lockdown for part of the day. According to Groveport Madison Communications & Community Relations Director Jeff Warner, one fight happened around 9Read More →

Personal Column – First Place Trying to explain the unexplainable This past week, I had a conversation with my daughter that many parents across this country had following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. It was a conversation I in no way wanted to have. It was awkward, frustrating and difficultRead More →

Personal Column – Second Place “Crazy Rich Asians” brings back the beloved rom com I have never considered myself to be the biggest fan of the romantic comedy genre, yet I admit to missing their presence from the movie screen. For years, it has seemed as if the only optionsRead More →

Personal Column – 3rd Place Picturing the concept of time warps my mind “Time just gets away from us.” – said by a character Mattie Ross from Charles Portis’ book, “True Grit.” Not only does time get away from us, it speeds up, slows down, stops, warps, and some ofRead More →

Personal Column – Honorable Mention Every possibility for fun and great food The way we “unplug”—finding ways to escape the pressures of our daily lives—is a personal thing. For some of us, it’s a trip to a museum or an overnight camping trip. Some like to run marathons, or crossRead More →

Dear SMC Members: I just returned from a few days of meetings in Washington attending the PostCom Board Meeting. Here are a few of the take-aways that may be of interest to our members: Pricing/rates Sharon Owens, the Vice President of USPS Costing and Pricing gave a presentation about theRead More →