Ad, Editorial & Website Award Annoucement

The Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association is excited to announce the 2020 Ad, Editorial & Website Awards!

This year has been very different, and with that provides some changes to the Ad, Editorial & Website Awards.

This year we added a new category to Original Writing. Division 5 COVID-19 Articles are meant to be articles are helpful tips and informational articles specific to COVID-19.

We also added a whole special category for recognition of Essential Workers & Heros during COVID-19. Within this category we have three divisions. Division 1 is for Ads, these ads include any size, black and white or full color, single page only. Division 2 is articles that are specific to essential workers and heros during COVID-19. And lastly, Division 3 is for Special Sections. The special sections can be stand alone or within the paper, any type of paper and size.

Besides adding the special category and divisions, we made a minor change in eliminating the Free Standing Insert Category.

Another major change that has happened is that we have eliminated a Chair for the Ad, Editorial & Website Awards and are dividing all of the tasks between Alyse and Kasey. The purpose for this is because of the fact that when a member is a Chair, they are unable to enter into the contest, after much discussion we feel these tasks can be kept in house and allow for all of our members to enter into the awards. We will be working with local organizations and colleges to have our entries judge.

Just a reminder, last year we upped the amount of entries each company could enter in each division of a category. This has been increased to five entries per division.

We hope with these changes that we see some great entries coming through this year! We know how this year has been a struggle for many of our members and look forward to being able to feature and award you in a job well done this year!

Download the Ad Rules and Entry Forms today.  Due to all of the changes, please take the time to read through all of the rules prior to collecting your entries.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see all of the great entries!