2021 Annual Conference

Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle
10 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA, 17013


Conference Speakers

Elaine Buckley
President of Ocean Media/My Living Magazines

Elaine Buckley is President of Ocean Media/My Living Magazines and former Vice President of Harte-Hanks PennySaverUSA.com in California. She is a 40-year veteran in Sales Management and the past few years in Florida assisted in the rebranding of the MoneySaver to My Living Magazines. This resulted in a 25% revenue growth. She is one of the top trainers in The Leadership Institute (TLI) with areas of expertise including Sales Training, Recruiting, and Leadership. Elaine’s passion for sales has touched most of the Publishers/Sellers in the Free Community Publishing industry where she loves to share her knowledge and experiences!

Preston Gibson
Chief Executive Officer at Cape May County Herald

As a Coast Guard officer, Preston sailed icebreakers from one end of the earth to the other, traversing the world’s most notorious waters. For the past 19 years, Preston has helped the Seawave Corporation and the Cape May County (NJ) Herald navigate the stormy seas surrounding the media industry – transforming the Herald from a weekly paste-up newspaper operation to a 24/7 multi-media enterprise and launching an affiliated marketing services agency. The Herald is the leading media company in Cape May County and has earned a national reputation for innovation in the local media industry.

As CEO of a small-market media/marketing company, Preston is riding the roiling seas with other media professionals. He will share from his own experiences and facilitate a discussion which will highlight opportunities and help overcome obstacles, charting a course toward smoother sailing.


Watch for more information and schedule of events!


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